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WorkPoint is the email and document management system that can assist your organisation in meeting GDPR requirements

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Understanding the GDPR

Many believe that their organisation does not manage personal data - but what about employee and customer data?

The GDPR definition is actually very broad.  GDPR comes into action by 25 May 2018.
By then all organisations must be able to document that they comply with the regulation. The GDPR has a lot of requirements when it comes down to managing of personal data.

Obsolete systems

Most organisations keep a lot of personal information unorganised on shared drives and in obsolete systems.

More than ever, there is a need for proper systems that can manage your business’ information flow

Key Features in WorkPoint's GDPR Solution

Classification of data

Organisations must be able to identify and classify their information and data. Classifying data and information helps organisation to understand how they are managing certain types and levels of information and data.  

GDPR Automation

Automation is an important tool to comply with the GDPR without spending to many ressources. Automate processes for:

-   Auto Tagging

-   Auto Classifying

-   Auto Deletion

-   Dashboards for review

-   Strong Search

Rentention Time

Organisations are only allowed to keep personal information and data, as long as they serve a business purpose. By using retention time, organisations are automatically updated accordring to the requirements, so they do not keep expired information and data on their servers. 

The 3-step Workplan for GDPR Compliance

1. Initial 3-hour Workshop 

-   Introduction to the GDPR and its requirements – get the high-level understanding of a complex matter.
Identification of data and systems - identify what data you manage and where it is located.

-   Prepare the analysis.

3. System Analysis

Analysis of systems and documenting of requirements. Based on the data stream analysis - determines how systems should support your organisation.

2. Process and data Mapping  Get the processed and the corresponding data mapped. Then you can start looking at the systems to support it.

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GDPR Supported Solutions

Did you know that WorkPoint GDPR is combined with all our other solutions? 

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We break it down in manageable chunks, so you can meet the GDPR requirements one step at the time.